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SamuelsDirect Baby Cot SD-196-2

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Our baby cots are made with 100% genuine pine wood.
-Height adjustable
-Length adjustable
-colour :white

Size- 120*67*103cm



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SamuelsDirect Baby Cot SD-C805


We offer you 100% genuine pine wood baby cot which has been sprayed Borate to prevent termites. you can now ease the burden by choosing the right bed for your new arrival and trying to establish a bedtime routine as early as possible. A bedside crib that latches on to your own bed is also a good option for the early days as it keeps your new-born close while removing the safety risks associated with allowing it to sleep in your own bed, it also comes with traditional rocking cribs and net cover which makes it look very comforting offers the soothing rocking action that should help your little one to drift off, for safety it has wheel locks so it stays in the position and area you would like cot to be parked or place at. Our cots feature removable sides for when your child gains in independence and climb in and out of bed.


  • 100% genuine pine wood
  • Multifunctional
  • Height and length extendable
  • Brilliantly fine glossy finish
  • Fumigated
  • Baby storage
  • Mosquito net (included)
  • Cradle (included)
  • cradle mosquito net (included)
  • Cot bumper (included)
  • Eye-catching design
  • Side bar can be opened to attach with adult bed
  • Size-120*67*103cm
  • colour :White