Samuels direct is as dynamic, forward thinking and successful as any other competitive market. We specialise in bringing the best products in the market. we offer our clients a wide breadth of experience and knowledge in house world products.

Samuels direct has been established as a house hold supplier in Nepal and UK. Our traditional business model is based on the accomplishment of supplying wide range of luxurious mattresses and other products that will certainly make you wow. we aim to provide and build long term relationship with our customers and clients and provide exceptional customer service by pursuing business and advance technology shop online we deliver.

Samuels direct is managed by SamuelUK ltd experienced team members who only works in the best interest if our customers satisfaction with flair and imagination, who are encouraged to develop and use their experience and entrepreneurial skill to develop the business, and help us to move forward. Purpose to be a leader in the house world supply by providing enhanced services relationship with our customers and to generate consistent and sustainable returns for our satisfying customers, providing the very best quality and service at affordable prices.

Vision to provide quality services that exceeds the expectations or esteemed customers. to achieve this objective, we continue to practice the values that stand at the core of our professional philosophy.